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Everyone comes with it.

I see things on line like no baggage and wonder “are you out of touch with reality?”

Younger guys usually have fewer issues, most haven’t had as many experiences or options to get into trouble or be hurt. Every one has family issues, which rules them probably a lot further than they realize.

People will pick spouses that remind them of a parent, an abusive partner is often similar in character to an abusive parent. That’s they model they know so that’s where they’re comfortable.

Though as we’ve grown older those things begin to grow more entrenched in us. Some of them we think that’s just how things are since they’ve always been our experience. Not realizing that often time’s we’ve sheparded those along and built our own self-manifesting truth.

Sometimes we realize that those issues exist and will do what ever we can to change them, but most times they slip by never being realize. Without doing so we stunt our emotional growth and don’t allow ourselves to live life to it’s fullest potential.

How you deal with your “baggage” is what’s most important.

It’s there; it’s helped to build us, to scar us, to give us strength, to put fear into us. It’s ours to own and to revel in.

The key is to own it. You cannot go back and change it; you have to make it work for you. Use it to build yourself up, learn from, learn about yourself, other people and then put the experience to use.

Critical self-reflection may be the key, which very few are good at. Instead of wondering what the other person’s issue was, look at yourself and figure out what role you played, what insecurities of theirs did you play off of and what insecurities of your own did you let get the best of your emotions.

Remember that we’re imperfect and have baggage, we cannot blame others for theirs until we’re willing to accept our own.

Just a simple rambling of my thought at the moment.
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I was thinking tonight about things as they stand right now.

I wonder considering where I came from if all the trials and struggles I've endured to make it where I am right now was all worth it?
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So the friend that I mention in the post below sent some pictures that he took while he was here. I'll start listing him as K, the initial of his first name, since I don't normally list people's names in my posts.

These are random thing he saw on our journeys. PicturesCollapse )
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A friend came to visit me over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday. A couple of comments I got from friends and chat buddies was: “Wow, you’re lucky” “He’s hot, you’re lucky.” I actually heard “you’re lucky several times.”

I was sort of put off by this thinking what does that mean, am I not good looking enough to attract someone with his looks? Those were the sorts of thoughts that went through my head though I’m pretty sure that’s not exactly how they meant their comments.

I thought some about it all and then decided they were absolutely right! Though the thing is they were right for completely different reasons. I am lucky because I got to spend my time with a man that is not only very attractive but also who is intelligent, thoughtful and interesting. It’s an opportunity I wouldn’t trade for anything.

He’s also the man who provided me with the pictures below.

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Here are another couple of pictures from my friend Kent. I asked him if I could post them since I found them interesting.

This one is a Staffordshire mug circa 1850. And for some reason this one really makes me smile, even occasionally laugh. No idea why actually but I find it totally amusing.

This one is a fungus growing on a willow tree in his front yard. I thought it was really pretty with interesting colors.

I've looked at a bunch of his photographs and think he's got an interesting eye for the obscure.
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I find it very intriguing what emotions, senses and memories that music can occasionally invoke.

I was driving home the other night and listening to music on my iPhone. Playing at random the song “Oh Daddy” by Fleetwood Mac came on. I’ve listened to the song on numerous occasions but it was the right time and place to take me way back.

It was the summer of 1983, I was 17 years old. At the time my summer job was working for Child Protective Services.

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This is a sign I saw while visiting a friend of mine in Virginia.

At first I thought it was a joke but then later realized the person who started it was serious. Signs were showing up all over the country side. His signs were getting stolen off his property so he put up a sign next to it saying stealing signs was unpatriotic, so someone stole that one.

As bemused as I was by this sign, I was really scared when I learned they were serious!

Thanks Kent for taking the picture and editing for me.

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Just because you get what you wanted doesn't mean you'll end up with what you had hoped for.
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1. It's important to have a man who helps around the house, who cooks from time to time, cleans up and has a job.

2. It's important to have a man that can make you laugh.

3. It's important to have a man who you can trust and doesn't lie to you.

4. It's imortant to have a man who is good in bed and who likes being with you.

5. It's very, very, very important that these four men don't know each other!
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Wow, it's been longer than I thought since I've posted. Time flies!

Sometimes the term "independent person" is nothing more than a euphemism for "selfish person".

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